New Installation Introducing Children to the Families of the Orchestra

MUSIC BOX is a multi media installation that introduces children to the families of the orchestra. The installation consists of an eight foot by eight foot cube. The four outside walls will be covered by four tactile materials (mixed fabrics, silicone sealant, LEGO and mixed acrylics and cellophane) which correspond synesthetically to each of the four families of the orchestra (woodwind, strings, percussion and brass). Headphones on each outer wall will be playing music I have written for that family.

On the inside of the space the four pieces of music will play aloud, simultaneously, through speakers as one orchestral piece. An old PlayStation 2 Golf Simulator Controller will act as a physical interface that allows visitors to alter various parameters of the music: they will be able to alterwhich instruments stand out within the family and how smooth, or choppy, the music is. The controller will also manipulate accompanying animations. MUSIC BOXaims itself at a wide demographic and allows those whom are not trained musicians to gain an intuitive understanding of how some music’s parameters can interact with one another. The aim of the project was to create a space to encourage free play and exploration, therefore arenotany diagrams of instruments, or any informative text, within the installation itself.

MUSIC BOX is supported by Help Musicians UK, RWCMD Friends Connect Fund, Audio-Technica, Cycling 74, LEGO StoreCardiff, Cloth Cat Animation, EmpeeSilk Fabircs, Brewers and Richardson Decorating Company.

Press Release

Cloth Cat Animation

Short Christmas Film by Cloth Cat Animation


Kirsten has recently written the soundtrack for ‘Partridge in a Bear Tree’ for the company Cloth Cat Animation who’s recent work can be seen on CBeebies, Disney, Cartoon Network and many more. Find the rest of Little Partridge’s  journey here:

‘It’s My Shout’

Short Film for BBC 2 Wales – Best Composer Award from It’s My Shout


Kirsten was given an award for being the ‘Best Composer’ by It’s My Shout, sponsored by GoCompare.

Kirsten’s music will appear in the film when aired on BBC 2 Wales on Monday 10th September 2018. ‘See Me Live’ will then will be available on BBC iPlayer for a following 30 days.’It’s My Shout’ enables young, upcoming artists and professionals to work together with industry professionals to create a series of short films and documentaries.

Throughout the summer of 2018, Kirsten worked in collaboration with the BBC, Gorilla TV and London based director Nan Moore to create the short film ‘See Me Live’. The short film focuses on a central female character and her experiences with modern life in  the city of Bangor in northern Wales.

The Baffling – G39

Live Electronics Performance 


In collaboration with composer, Fionntan Curran, and speaker manufacturer Gwedd, Kirsten opened ‘The Baffling’ at G39, Cardiff, with a 30 minute semi improvised live electronics and live vocal piece. Both Fionntan and Kirsten manipulated pre-recorded electronic material live in the gallery space, commencing an evening of performance art situated amongst the work of other visual artists. London based artist, Ben Owen, put together the event with the help of staff from G39.

Venice Biennale 2017

Six – Channel Audio Installation with Artist James Richards (Turner Prize Nominee) at Venice Biennale 2017

Wales In Venice Pavillion, Venice Biennale

Kirsten, over the course of 2017, has been working on music for the Wales in Venice project, sponsored by Chapter Arts Centre, as part of the 2017 Venice Biennale. Collaborating personally with artist James Richard prior to the event, Kirsten combined her vocal abilities with her compositional knowledge to help create a soundscape that was to fill the Welsh Pavilion’s entrance hall.  The exhibition will run until 26th November 2017, with the expected number of visitors, at the exhibition, set to rise higher than any previous Welsh Biennale exhibition.

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Spring Awakening

Play ‘Spring Awakening’ with Richard Burton Theatre Company


Kirsten wrote the music to accompany Caroline Byrne’s direction of Spring Awakening, being shown in the Caird Theatre at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Writing for violin and cello, Kirsten collaborated with composer Derri Lewis on the underscore for the production.

 Copious: 11

Multi Media Installation

Copious: 11 is comprised of a super stereo 4 speaker set up. Twelve pieces are cycled through randomly whilst two art films are looped simultaneously. One centre piece chandelier is surrounded by 14 smaller, varying, chandeliers.

Copious: 11 is a sound, film and lighting installation created by Kirsten Evans in collaboration with Number11Interiors.  With a focus on restored lighting and electronic composition, a complementary juxtaposition forms between creation and recreation. Copious: 11 was exhibited in the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on the 22nd February 2018 and was funded by REPCo.  All films and music were created by Kirsten, whilst Number11Interiors created the lighting.


Live Electronic Piece for Swansea Laptop Orchestra Premiered at Bangor Music Festival

TC logo Enriqueta

Photography by Matthew Thistlewood.

Kirsten took part in the Tŷ Cerdd’s CoDI ELECTRONIC programme 2018. (CoDI –  Composer Development Initiative.) Kirsten was commissioned to write for Swansea Laptop Orchestra. ‘High’ was premiered at Bangor Music Festival, February 2019.


Electronic Suite Commissioned by National Eisteddfod

The Encore concert series, run by Tŷ Cerdd, at the 2018 Eisteddfod in Cardiff bay, included many new pieces of music. Kirsten was commissioned by Tŷ Cerdd to create a new electronic work inspired by the Eisteddfod. The new work was to use field recordings, collected by Kirsten, from around the festival, to give an impression of the variety of events within the National Eisteddfod. Kirsten collected her materials at the beginning of the festival, and the work was premiered in the Wales Millennium Centre on the final day of the festival.

TC logo Enriqueta

Deeds Not Words

Welsh National Opera Protest Song Project


South Wales Argus – Leah Powell: ‘there was a performance by pupils from John Frost School which was just spell-binding.’ 9th June 2018

Kirsten worked as musical director and assistant composer upon Deeds Not Words – a collaborative project between Welsh National Opera and Operasonic. The two promenade style performances of Deeds Not Words at the Riverfront Studio in Newport, Wales, allowed the music and drama students of John Frost High School to write their own protest songs and to perform these not only their parents but to attendants of the ‘Where are all the Women? Women in Classical Music Symposium’ held by WNO.

More photos can be seen in article below:

Gloucester Film School Collaboration

Short film Collaboration

Kirsten has recently collaborated with the Film School at Gloucester University to create music for new short films. The films have looked at topics from mental health to the war in Vietnam and have been entered into competitions around the UK.


Vocal Performance – Piece for Soprano, Tenor, Live Electronics and and Piano

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 19.26.24
Performers Kirsten Evans, Mark McNamee, Giordiano Ferla, Andrew McGowan and Milad Mardakheh.

View performance at:

Sung by Kirsten Evans, 2017, at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, as part of Atmospheres. AGUA by Milad Mardakheh

 Germination in Word

Text Score Performance

Performers Kirsten Evans, Sylvia Villa, Ethnie Foulkes and Emily Rooke

Germination in Word, was performed in the Richard Burton Theatre, at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (RWCMD), in the summer of 2017. The piece is adaptable in its presentation to accommodate for varying numbers of performers, in this instance Germination in Word was performed by four RWCMD students for a small, select audience.

Germination in Word featured in the concert ‘Immersion’, a Collective 31 production.


Cardiff in the Abstract

Artist Collaboration – Art about Cardiff

Photography by Polly Thomas-colquhoun. Performers Stanley Kaye-Smith, Daisy Cooksley and Matthew Waters.

Situated in the gallery of Jacob’s Market, Cardiff, Kirsten’s piece St. Mary’s Street celebrated the collaborative process between artist and musician whilst representing one of Cardiff’s main attractions. The ‘Cardiff in the Abstract’ event allowed chance for all composers involved to work on a one to one basis with a visual artist resulting in a finished piece of visual art and piece for violin, clarinet in Bb and Bassoon.

Operasonic Circus Songwriting Workshop

Children’s Songwriting Workshop

Recording circus songs
Photography by Claire Turner.

In collaboration with Rhian Hutchings and Operasonic based in Newport, Wales, Kirsten co-lead a songwriting facilitation workshop at the Newport Museum and Art Gallery.